With baird Jones
In My never ending quest to broaden the Pony field of Play by bringing it to the masses, I am now involved in many Art projects that will bring our Pony life to so many more people that never would have been exposed to it otherwise.
I will be co-presenting and co-curating many different FREE art genre's with Baird Jones, the famous Art and Club curator.
These co- presentations will combine those art forms being honored with My Pony performances, if applicable. Many Film presentations are not, since it is dark and the people are watching the films. But just making the Pony Life more respectable and exposing the art crowd to it is a big boost for the cause.
I hope this new Pony trail will Ride Ponyism thru greener pastures. Please show up if you are in the New york area.
Remember show up by the time stated and get Free admission and drinks, as well as getting a little more culture.
To view the latest Wonderpony Presentation Information click the Photo Link below

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